At One TransLiteracy, we work with our clients to create a comprehensive marketing strategy. The process begins with a comprehensive Review and Assessment of all existing advertising and marketing materials. This will lead to a report that outlines whether or not extensive adaptation might be necessary for the Japanese market.


Then, you decide whether to move on to Devise a Strategy. Here, you find out how to specifically adapt your marketing material for the Japanese target. 


The final step is to Implement the Strategy. Depending on your needs, this may include training for your employees to understand how to interact with the Japanese market you seek to enter and/or with your Japanese partners.   

Review and Assess


This step is crucial in maximizing already invested resources.


By reviewing and assessing existing advertising and marketing materials, we create a preliminary report on how those might perform in the Japanese market. If there is an internal marketing team, this phase may be enhanced by discussion with them.

Devise a Strategy


This step demonstrates how to maximize already invested resources.

Based on the Review and Assessment, we create an individualized strategy that includes detailed recommendations on how to adapt the existing marketing material to resonate best with your target.



We ensure a successful entry into or growth in the target market by guiding you through solid implementation and execution of the devised strategy. 

If this phase includes creating an alliance with or working with a Japanese partner, we recommend including staff training on cross-cultural competencies. 

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