Abbie (Miyabi) Yamamoto, Ph.D.

Abbie is the founder and principal consultant of One TransLiteracy, a company founded to help companies looking to increase and nurture diversity in Maine and New England. 

Growing up Japanese and Jewish, Abbie grew up as a racial, ethnic, and religious minority. She learned to navigate different expectations and cultural norms from a young age. Her training as a diversity trainer (from National Coalition Building Institute) and research for her doctoral dissertation widened her view, making her an expert on relationships between people of diverse backgrounds.

Abbie is passionate about nurturing inclusive cultures that drive innovation. She does this through sharing bridge-building communication techniques everyone can use in a variety of circumstances. 

Abbie grew up in Japan until 17 and later obtained her Ph.D. in Japanese and Korean literature and culture at UC Berkeley. She has lived in Seoul (S. Korea), Tokyo, New York City, the San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego, and Los Angeles among other places before settling in Portland, Maine in 2018.  

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