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Japanese calligraphy

Creative Translation / Localization

(Japanese <> English)

When just translating words wouldn’t do: Translate the experience culturally accurately.

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A field expert will check your Japanese marketing material and clearly explain the different options.

Student Writing

Language Validation

(Japanese and English)

Experienced linguists will provide third-party evaluations and provide revisions where necessary.

To provide the highest quality service possible,
we only work with a highly selective group of experts
professionally trained to write, translate, and explain.

We Provide:



Ensures accuracy and high-quality work


Leads to transparency through clear explanations.


For our work, our clients, and our colleagues.

Meet Our Experts

Abbie Yamamoto, PhD

Abbie is the founder and principal consultant of One TransLiteracy, LLC. 

Aya Yamamoto

Aya is a natively bilingual linguist with 17 years of experience.

Brian Bergstrom

Brian is a lecturer and translator based in Montréal.



Our Process

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